Summer Suits

Competition Swimwear

Handmade In Austin, TX

Some Great People Who Love Our Suits

Summer Suits makes fabulous custom made suits! They have made suits for our high school team as well as our club team for several years. The work is always impeccable and the suits look great on the athletes. The fabric is high quality and lasts longer than other name brands. Everyone asks where we get our suits made because they are so unique and fit so well. The customer service at Summer Suits is the best and they will exceed all of your expectations!

Melissa Jackson - KU Dive Club

Summer Suits are so unique. There simply isn’t anything like them anywhere else. Every suit is customizable and Summer is always coming up with new fabrics and styles. They last forever and are truly the most comfortable and flattering suits for diving! I would recommend Summer Suits to anyone looking for flattering and stand out swim suits!

Mariam Khamis - University of Minnesota