Personal Suits

We offer four different types of custom suits. To see some examples of our custom Summer Suits click here.

Classic suit ranges from $70 – $85
Halter suit ranges from $75 – $90
Two Piece suit ranges from $50 – $65
Men’s suit ranges from $39 – $46

To begin creating your own custom Summer Suit click here.



Teams who order all of their suits at one time will receive a special team discount. The team discounted price will not apply for team suits ordered at a later date. For the discount breakdown, please see below:

$140 – $1,500 – 10% Discount

$1,501 – $3,500 – 15% Discount

$3,501+ – 20% Discount

To begin creating a custom Team Suit click here.



Logos can be embroidered or applied as vinyl art. Pricing will be determined based on the number of logos needed and logo complexity. To view our detailed pricing guide on adding logos to teams suits click here.